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Overview :

3 Stage Filteration process

Stage 1: Per-Filter made of Non Woven cloth to remove particulate and suspended impurities.

Stage 2: Carbon Block to remove Chlorine, sediment, volatile orgaic compound, taste and odour.

Stage 3: Ultrafiltration membrane that removes.

>99.9999% of bacteria (>6 log10 reduction)

>99.99% of viruses (>4 log10 reduction)

>99.99% of protozon parasites (>4 log10 reduction)

Turbity by filtering particles larger then 0.02 microns

  • Uses no chemicals for filtration.
  • Has extremely long life of 4500 Lt&hence lowest cost per liter of water.Best value for money.
  • Uses raw materials which are US Food and Drug Administration compliant.


Use Household
Ideal for Family use
Removes bacteria and protozoa Yes
Removes Chemicals Yes
Removes virus Yes
Filter capacity 4500L
Filter Micron Size 0.02
Flow Rate 12 L/h